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Sheck Wes

Are you a fan of Sheck Wes? We have some secrets information just below his net worth.

Firstly let’s introduce to those who don’t know the legend.

He was born on September 10th, 1998, in Harlem, a district in New York City. His parents were both immigrants from Senegal, a country on Africa’s west coast.

Sheck Wes captured lightning in a bottle with his huge song “Mo Bamba.” With an infectious and catchy chorus and an energy about him in the music video.

It’s hard to imagine anyone not singing along to that song or not wanting to dance along to it, or not wanting it as their morning alarm clock.

“Mo Bamba” didn’t have the best reviews and has been considered one of the worst songs of 2018.

Regardless, Sheck Wes was still able to attempt what is difficult for many artists- write a song that can capture the utmost public attention at any given party without having much-proven credibility.

Net Worth

Sheck Wes net worth

Sheck Wes is a rapper from Brooklyn. He is best known for his hit song ‘Mo Bamba.’ But how much does he actually make?

Sheck Wes, who rose to fame with his Mo Bamba release in 2022, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

The idea that artists shouldn’t chase money is one of the most detrimental misconceptions in the creative industry. In a recent wide-ranging interview with Forbes, Sheck Wes explained why wealth is an essential component of Hendrix’s legacy and importance to many African Americans and people of color who are still yet to find success in their field.

Sheck Wes is a popular hip-hop rapper from New York City. He has been releasing music since July 7, 2017, and has generated close to 500 thousand followers on Instagram, his self-titled account. His primary genre of music is hip-hop.

Sheck Wes’ monthly income is about $20,000, and he makes about $160,000 per year. This is mainly due to his fashion line sales and live concerts.

Sheck Wes Quotes

I don’t see any downside to money. It just provides. I’m never gonna stop.”

Net Worth 2022

NameSheck Wes
Net Worth 2022$ 1.5 Million
Monthly Income$ 20,000 +
Annual Salary$ 160,000
ProfessionRapper, Singer
Basketball Player

Sheck Wes Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth In 2022$1.5 Million
Net Worth In 2021$1 Million
Net Worth In 2020$0.7 Million
Net Worth In 2019$0.4 Million
Net Worth In 2018$0.2 Million


One thing that you should know about cars of California rapper Sheck Wes is that even if he tends to divide with me, he has many luxury cars. Usually, Lamborghini’s are the instrument on foot of choice.

One has sometimes forgotten the reality of this type of artist is that they almost by definition have more income than most people in society, which means that they have more points to their wealthy future.

Sheck Wes songs

Early Life and Career

He was born on September 10th, 1998, in Harlem, a district in New York City. His parents were both immigrants from Senegal, a country on Africa’s west coast.

Sheik’s father came to America in search of a better life and worked as a tailor. He reportedly helped make clothes for fashion Designer Dapper Dan upon arriving in America.

His early upbringing wasn’t a pleasant one. At just a year old, his family’s home burnt down, forcing them to live in a shelter. His second home was also burnt down, which caused the family to relocate to public housing.

Now their parents would have to work consistently, often leaving young check to take care of themselves. On top of providing for their own family in new york, they also had to send money back to Africa to help out their loved ones.

Sheck Wes basketball

Sheck relocated from big apple to good old Milwaukee with his mother at five.

The streets of New York offered too much temptation, and his mother wanted young Shiek as far away from these influences as possible.

His father would visit for thanksgiving each year, and Sheck would visit new york every year.

Now Sheck has not described his time in Milwaukee as being particularly enjoyable. On lining in Milwaukee, Sheck stated

Sheck Wes

Sheck got an interest in music at the age of nine. He and his neighbor buddies formed a rap group called the Mill Yorkers as they were from Milwaukee, and he was from New York.

They rap by the name Kid Cotty. They shortened the first with him being inspired by the rapper Kid Cudi. It wasn’t just that he was from New York that made him stand out. The kid has always had an interest in fashion, and he described himself as weird.

Sheck Wes Age

He wore teflor boots to school because he was bold and confident.

Now at the age of 14, he relocated back to new york, where he was attending Norman Thomas High School, and back in the apple well, the shock would pass his time hanging out with his friends and buddies playing a whole bunch of basketball.

Music and BasketBall

Sheck Was was already getting into making music, but it was time spent on the basketball court that led him to earn the rap moniker, which started first as Check Jesus.

Speaking this name, he stated

Sheck Wes

As a basketball player, Sheck showed great potential, and that probably came in handy that his local friend was none other than Mohamed Bamba, and he would later go on to play as the center for the Orlando magic.

We will piece it together before they are famous on Mo Bamba.

Sheck Wes fashion show

Let’s us know if that something you want to see in the comments below down.

Now Sheck began taking basketball seriously and even considered playing in college. Although he never aspired to play in NBA. During his sophomore year at Thomas, he led the city in assists. Bamba, even spoke about his friend’s skills.

It seemed as if music and sports became a balancing act for the young Harlem native, but he also had another side interest which was fashion, at the age of 16.

Industry pros noticed and gave him a chance to model at Kanye Wet’s clothing on a platform in New York city’s madison squares gardens.

This was for Yeezy season three, and he was alongside Lil Yachty. It turns out that same day; there was a crucial basketball that checks had to miss so that he could go and do the fashion show; as a result, while rapper’s relationship with his coach went sour, and soon Sheck lost his ambition to play the sport, and he began focusing solely on music.

At the age of 17, his life took an unexpected turn when his mom was concerned about his time spent on the streets and the potential dangers and the lifestyle he could get caught up in, so she decided to send him home, and I’m not talking about Milwaukee. We are talking about Senegal, Africa.

Sheck Wes with Army

He would get enlightened by religious leaders. She told him that he was only going for a couple of days and when he arrived in Africa, she announced that he’d be there for a couple of years, which was a brutal blow.

In Africa, he met his brother for the first time, who took his passport and told him that he had some significant adjustments to improve his life. He was not happy there.

I was 17 like I had a grill in my mouth. I had like a chain. I had mad hair. You feel me like and next day I had none of that

Well, adjusting to my new atmosphere was hard at first”, he admitted. He ended up getting out of the experience. He mentioned that one particular benefit was that I helped him get in touch with his Islamic faith, as it turns out to be Sheikh, but he didn’t have to stay a couple of years with his father, who wasn’t happy with this arrangement. He put into one of the religious leaders and assured him that he would not hold his son for that long.

As a rapper, he joked.

You are not African if your parents never threatened you with being sent to Africa or if you never heard of a story like this

Now a more experienced and enlightened individual, Sheck returned to the music scene. He knew that he was about to hit it big. His music being uploaded to sound cloud was starting to pick up attention from several labels.

Sheck Wes's net worth

Following through on a request made by his childhood friend Muhammad Baba while Sheck Wes got to work creating an anthem using his buddy’s name, it didn’t take long for this track to become a viral sensation.

Sheck nearly became an overnight success story with several high profiles of hip-hop figures.

Instantly knowing who he was, two such figures include Mr. Travis Scot and the only Kanye West.

Around the time Sheck met Travis Scoot, who admired the young’s man music band, he went out to Harlem to personally meet up; he wanted to know more about the mob and song.


Real NameKhadimou Rassoul Cheikh Fall
NicknameYoung Sheck Wes, Mudboy
Age23 Years Old
Date Of BirthSeptember 10, 1998
Birth PlaceHarlem, New York, United States
Height6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Weight79 kg (174 lbs)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Marital StatusUnmarried
HometownHarlem, New York

People Also Ask FAQs

What is the height of Sheck Wes?

Sheck Wes is 6 ft 2 inches tall.

What is the real name of Sheck Wes?

His real name is Khadimou Rassoul Cheikh Fall; he is well known by his stage name Sheck Wes.

What is the worth of Sheck Wes?

Sheck Wes is a rapper from Brooklyn. He is best known for his hit song ‘Mo Bamba.’ But how much does he actually make?

Sheck Wes, who rose to fame with his Mo Bamba release in 2022, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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