Lawyering Up: Top 5 Celebrity Lawyers (Updated 2022)

Wealth and fame are two things that distinguish us from celebrities. Another thing is they seemingly favor trouble. Perhaps they’re purposely getting entangled in unruly activities, self-infliction, or endangering other people’s lives because they can afford trouble. But, just because they can afford trouble, doesn’t necessarily indicate that they can escape the justice system.

Similarly to non-celebrities, celebrities would be taken into custody. The court would follow in most situations. One thing’s certain; troublesome celebrities are more than likely to lawyer up. Who are the top 5 “celebrity lawyers” and the notorious client they represented?

List of Top Top 5 Celebrity Lawyers

  • Leslie Abramson
  • Joe Turner
  • David Boies
  • Howard K. Stern
  • Mr. Stern

Leslie Abramson

Leslie Abramson | Celebrity Lawyers

Some may recall Leslie Abramson for representing the Mendez brothers, in regards to the murder of their parents in 89′, who happened to be wealthy. It’s unknown whether the murder was based solely on riches. Abramson fought strenuously for the defense of Eric and Lyle. She took it so far to where she influenced one of the witnesses to change their notes in Mendez’s favor. Unfortunately, her efforts went to waste. The brothers ended up being sentenced to life in prison.

Joe Turner

Joe Turner, aka “Mad Dog,” respectfully earns a spot in the top 5 celebrity lawyers. He may be known best for backing Willie Nelson, who was charged with nothing more than Marijuana possession.

Joe was dubbed as “Mad Dog” due to his exceptional passion for defending his clients. He put his nickname to work and had Nelson’s case dismissed, as a result of him being illegally searched.

David Boies

 David Boies may take another slot in the top 5, courtesy of the notoriously brave politician-inspired filmmaker, Michael Moore. Moore hired Boies because the Treasury Department conducted an investigation on his trip to Cuba. Moore intended to go to Cuba to film there. If you were to access IMDB, type in “Sicko,” and observe the list of filming locations used for the film, Havana would be on the list. The long-praised Anna Nicole Smith helped build a reputation for this celebrity lawyer by simply representing her for a considerable amount of time.

Howard K. Stern

Howard K. Stern assisted Smith with gaining her ex-husband’s fortune. Aside from business, the two were actually involved. After Anna’s death, he still maintained his presence in court. In March of 2009, Stern was charged with supplying and administering drugs to Smith. The case went on for another few years.

Mr. Stern

With all of this said, Mr. Stern takes spot no. 2. Lastly, this celebrity lawyer takes no. 1 in the top 5 celebrity lawyers list for helping defend O.J. Simpson in 95′. Johnnie Cochran served on O.J.’s defense team to help dispute the murder case O.J. was involved in. This event spread like wildfire and is still even referenced or discussed in today’s society.