3 Steps for Complaining Effectively


Have you ever been jilted by a company? Did they charge you excess fees or not deliver on their promises? Well, there are a few ways you can handle the situation. You can bad-mouth the company to everyone you know. That option may be emotionally satisfying, but ultimately not financially helpful. You can call up … Read more

3 Reasons to Start Your Side Hustle Today


It’s amazing how many people still think that having a job is the only way to make any money. Maybe for your day job, sure, but what about if you want a little extra income on the side? Lots of people will just look for a part-time job in the evenings or on the weekends. … Read more

Teaching Kids What To Do With Their Money (4 Buckets)


A few days ago I shared the Three Steps to Teach Kids the Value of Money and the 10/10/10/70 plan that I’ve been using with our kids as they’ve grown up. It has been a really fantastic strategy to teach them the value of money. However, when I told you that I used the 10/10/10/70 plan, it … Read more

3 Steps to Teach Kids the Value of Money

Teach Kids the Value of Money

Teaching kids about money is an important aspect of a successful future. They need to understand how it works and how to manage it in order to be successful adults. My heart always goes out to those parents because I feel so badly for them and know that raising kids can be tough. But I … Read more

Asamoah Gyan Private Jet And Baby Jet Airline

Asamoah Gyan Private Jet

Asamoah Gyan Private Jet And Baby Jet Airline Asamoah Gyan is a senior player of the Ghanaian national football team popularlyknown as the black stars of Ghana-born on the 22nd of November 1985 in Accra,Greater Accra in Ghana. He is a prolific footballer who plays as a striker and in additiono that, Gyan wears the … Read more