Cameron Dallas Net Worth, Secrets And Biography 2022

Cameron Dallas Net Worth

Cameron Dallas Net Worth. The man that set the internet ablaze as a teenager, Cameron Dallas is very popular for videos posted on the social media platforms Vine and also, on YouTube. He has, however, diversified by going into movies, acting out roles in comedy films, becoming a recording music artiste, and having his own show on Netflix called ‘Chasing Cameron’. His net worth is  $4 Million.

Cameron Dallas Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Full Name: Cameron Alexander Dallas
  • Date Of Birth: September 8, 1994
  • Height: 1.75 m
  • Profession: Internet Personality And Actor
  • Country Of Origin: United States Of America
  • Cameron Dallas Net Worth: $4 Million
  • Instagram/Twitter: @CameronDallas

Cameron is very popular among the young populace, and his popularity has been compared to that of The Beatles. He has a very strong presence online on different social media platforms with the highest being Vine when the app was very much functional back in 2014 with about 8.1 million followers.

Currently, though, his popularity on other social media platforms has greatly increased surpassing the number of followers he had on Vine. On Instagram, he has about 20 million followers, on YouTube he has over 5.7 million subscribers to his channel, with more than 15 million followers on Twitter and 3.7 million fans on Facebook.

Cameron Dallas

Appropriately, he is dubbed by some as the social media rock star in spite of his endeavors in other fields. A lot is still left to know about the young internet sensation though, and we would be discussing all that there is to know about Cameron Dallas in this article.


Cameron Dallas was born on the 8th day of September in the year 1994. He was given birth in the town of Whittier, California but was raised in another Californian town called Chino. His mother’s name is Gina Dallas and his sister Sierra Dallas who is older than Cameron by 4 years is also an internet sensation in her own rights. Not much is known about his father though, other than the fact that his father is Scottish while his mother has German and Mexican roots.

Cameron Dallas with her friends


Cameron Dallas’ mom was a very busy woman who worked as a sales rep for a large company. Often, she worked from home and this made her not to want any form of disturbance during her work period to avoid distractions. As such, Cameron was practically ruled out from bringing his friends home. He actually spent the majority of his time playing video games.

In his senior year of high school, Cameron Dallas joined the popular social media platform Instagram. He began to post pictures there while working with the filters and also the curator in order to get more likes. He was also conscious of the fact that when he snapped shirtless, it was easy for him to get more likes, especially from his female followers so he posted pictures, a lot of them in which he was shirtless.

Cameron Dallas 2022

Steadily, his Instagram followers started increasing slowly. Dallas later went into modeling when he became famous. But even before he became famous, he posted that he was a model on his bio (I guess he foresaw the future). He then, joined Twitter, YouTube, and also Vine which was fairly new at the time. According to Cameron Dallas, “I knew vine was going to blow up, so I decided to blow up with it”.

He was not wrong though, as we shall soon see. By this time he had begun to get a number of fans. So, on one occasion when he posted his location online, his venue quickly became filled with his young female fans and he had to escape through the stairs. Funny isn’t it, as this happened in 2013 when he was still quite younger in the city of New York.

Sexy images of Cameron


As he predicted earlier, Cameron Dallas became an instant hit on the vine as the videos he posted of himself along with a couple of his friends pranking fellow friends and even members of the public turned out to be excellent for the Social Media platform. His followers quickly grew to about 8 million in that year (2014) making him become one of the Top Ten most popular broadcasters on the vine and also, he got a nomination for the Best Viner at the Teen Choice Awards. He went on to win the award for that year and also the next year until Vine folded up.

Receiving award "My Choice"

MagCon which means the Meet and Greet Convention was a way that Dallas used to cement his stronghold on fame. MagCon was actually a tour that was organized for popular social media personalities to meet and interact with their fans across the country.

Fans paid as much as a hundred and fifty dollars just to see and have a one-on-one conversation with their favorite social media star. The MagCon concept proved to be highly favorable to Cameron Dallas as fans couldn’t get enough of him in every city they went to. But then, in 2014 the tour came to an end but it was started again in 2016.


In April of the year 2014, Brian Robbins who was the CEO of Awesomeness Television made an announcement that Cameron Dallas was going to be starring in his upcoming movie project. Thus, Cameron Dallas made his debut in the movie which was released in December of that year.

The movie was titled ‘Expelled’. In the movie, Dallas acted as a prankster which he was already used to anyway, due to his Vine antics. His character was always trying to dodge school while deceiving his parents in the process. Popular Movie critic website Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a rating of 53% which was average at best.

Someone kisses Dallas

This rating though did not deter Dallas as he went on to act as a high school baseball player in ‘The Outfield’ another comedy film. ‘The Outfield’ however got a better rating of 68% when compared to his previous movie ‘Expelled’.

He then went on to feature in the TV series American Odyssey and also in Trendy 5, which was a mini-series. Cameron Dallas also handled a voice-over part in the not too celebrated animated movie, titled ‘Frog Kingdom’. With all these added to his belt, however, Cameron Dallas himself was not really a big fan of acting as he considered it as doing homework.

And as he put it in an interview he did with Hero Magazine: “I did two movies and… it just reminded me of homework where you have to go home and study”. “I didn’t really do well with homework at all growing up.” He said he would prefer to do music instead of movies. His song that he released titled ‘She Bad’ was actually moderately successful and was listed on Billboard/Twitter Top Tracks Chart where it peaked at number 9.


Earlier, he put on his Instagram Bio that he was a model, even though he was not really modeling then. The young Dallas must have seen the future though, as he has ended up modeling for top brands such as Pen Shoppe, Dolce and Gabbana, and Calvin Klein. In the year 2016, he shut down Milan Men’s Fashion Week.

During the Calvin Klein show, in which Dallas modeled for them, The New York Times reported that a lot of his young female fans were around hoping to catch a just a glimpse of the internet sensation. Thus began his comparison to The Beatles by Bloomberg due to the pandemonium caused by the multitude of female fans.

Dallas might be pretty young, but he has a wonderful approach to work. He still handles all his social media accounts by himself even though it must really be a tasking job. A lot of people are really surprised when they get to know and he is respected a lot for his work ethic.

His show on Netflix titled, Chasing Cameron was launched in 2017. It was a ten-episode documentary of sorts that talked about the life of Cameron Dallas. He worked in collaboration with Magical Elves who had previously worked with Justin Bieber and Katy Perry on their own documentaries. He was thereby, listed on Forbes magazine’s Top Influencers and 30 under 30 lists in 2017.

 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas Net Worth 2022 – $4 Million

The net worth of Cameron Dallas is estimated to be in the range of between $4 million USD to $4.16 Millions USD.


Cameron Dallas has been involved in a controversy of sorts on some occasions. This has largely been due to comments he has made that have been viewed as sexist remarks. He has had to clarify one issue involving Hollywood actress Jessica Alba calling it a joke while apologizing for the misunderstanding.

On another occasion, earlier in the year 2013, when he was just 16, he made a video where he was full of criticism for young girls that were loud. He also criticized girls who don’t shave their body hair. He was dragged for his comments as the criticism was considered highly offensive and insensitive to his young female fans. Some of whom are sure to fall into those categories he criticized. He, however, admitted to his mistake in a later interview and promised to be a better person.

That’s all about Cameron Dallas’s Net Worth And Biography.

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